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Bailey Marie Frank & Edward G. Caporellie III — Minted

Bailey Marie Frank


Edward G. Caporellie III

Bailey Marie Frank and Edward G. Caporellie III

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Our Story

Bailey and Eddie's love story began in 2008 at a football game where they were introduced by a mutual friend. After instantly hitting it off, they remained close-knit throughout middle & high school despite going to different schools.
On November 8, 2014, Eddie finally mustered up the courage to ask Bailey to be his girlfriend. Little did she know, she was signing up for a lifetime membership of inside jokes, spongebob quotes, and never-ending laughter. And so began their journey filled with shared milestones, and priceless memories.

Every time their anniversary rolls around, it feels like they packed a decade's worth of memories into just one year. Time sure knew how to keep them on their toes.
And before they knew it they were moving into their own place in West Chester in January of 2022, while simultaneously looking for a kitten to adopt.
After an unbelievably brief search, lasting a grand total of about one day, they stumbled upon a single picture of this adorable teeny tiny kitten. And from that moment, Toulouse became a member of the Caporellie-Frank family. So, it was like they were adding a tiny bit of Parisian flair into their oh-so-exciting lives, but let's be real, Toulouse is definitely more interested in mastering the fine art of napping and being lavished with treats.

After making millions of memories during their 8 years together, Eddie decided to make the best one yet and propose to Bailey on December 11, 2022. With the help of family, Eddie brought Bailey to the Art Museum of Philadelphia for a surprise date. After their visit, they went out to the waterfront near Boathouse Row where he popped the question. From a young age, Bailey always admired Boathouse Row, & it was her favorite part of driving into the city. So, she often hinted that a proposal in that beautiful location would be her ultimate dream come true. Eddie knowing all of this, made sure he gave her the dream proposal she always wanted. Spoiler alert, she said YES!

Now almost 10 years in the making, Bailey and Eddie are ready to begin the next chapter as husband and wife.